Carpet Styles

No matter what you want for your home, carpet will lend warmth and comfort with no shortage of fantastic style. Choose from looped/Berber, frieze, pattern, or textured.


4 basic styles

Choosing the ideal carpet style is all about determining your winning combination of aesthetics, performance, and budget that fits your lifestyle effectively and beautifully. Each style - looped/Berber, frieze, pattern, or textured - provides you with beautiful flooring with unique characteristics and different benefits. Learn more about each style!

Looped / Berber

Loop carpet provides you with a clean, concise look.

  • Bulky yarns used in a level or multi-level loop.
  • Created from olefin fiber, nylon, or a fiber blend..
  • Exceptional durability since yarn tips remain uncut.
  • Individual loops remain visible.
  • Perfect for casual, active family rooms.
  • Available in solid colors, fleck, and patterns with varying levels of loops.
  • Disguises traffic patterns over time.
  • Using on stairs will make backing more visible.
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Freize (Twist)

A slight variation on textured carpet, twist carpet is both soft and attractive.

  • Specific cut pile variety with a high twist level.
  • Tightly twisted strands of yarn produce curls at the end.
  • Excellent for high traffic areas.
  • Textured surface provides visual interest.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Hides footprints between vacuuming.
  • Different pile heights create different looks.


Patterned carpeting is designed to show style and personality in your home.

  • High visual interest for chic style.
  • Often cut pile variety with a high twist level.
  • Ideal for active homes.
  • Enhances durability and slows wearing.
  • Work well in high-traffic areas.
  • Hides footprints & dirt better than other styles.
  • Combine with different pile heights for unique looks.
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Textured carpeting adds depth to your style and extreme comfort.

  • Textured carpet offers casual appeal.
  • Cut pile carpets are extremely popular.
  • Alternating twists of yarn produce the texture.
  • Texture can create a two-tone appearance.
  • Excellent for hiding footprints & vacuum strokes.
  • Great fit for active families.
  • Wide range of prices to fit most budgets.
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